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App support

Can I work from home Offline without connecting to the Internet for Cloud Marketplace?
You need to be connected to the internet to use the Cloud Marketplace portal
Do I need to take a specific vodacom Offers to obtain access to Cloud Marketplace?
To Obtain access to Cloud Marketplace, you need to take one of the products that are currently in Cloud Marketplace, to find out which products are in Cloud Marketplace, kindly Visit:
How do I cancel Cloud Marketplace Products, will I be liable to pay termination fees for cancellation?
Speak with your Account Manager or Sales person about contract cancellation process. Cloud Marketplace has a 12 months commitment: customers can cancel without termination fees provided that the company has been with Vodacom for 12 months or more. Note: Customers that do not have any services in Cloud Marketplace will not be charged, the Portal access has no cost attached to it.
Do I need to have an existing domain to have Cloud Marketplace?
No, you can have Cloud Marketplace without having a registered domain
Can I use Cloud Marketplace to switch between plans
To switch between plans you need Click Accounts > Applications > Update subscriptions on Cloud Marketplace Note: User Guide is available to guide customers through
I would like to buy more Products on Cloud Marketplace
Customer can login to Cloud Marketplace, Search for the product that they need to purchase, Click “buy Now” and follow the purchasing journey